How to Develop 35mm Color Film at Home

While 2017 has been more than generous to us analogue lovers, we still face some problems yet to be resolved. With the news of the Ektachrome, the new Ferrania and Bergger films as well, the industry is yet to address the issue of film labs -- or the lack thereof. Due to the rise of digital photography in the early years of the new millennium, film laboratories were closing down one by one, becoming rarer as the years passed; even rarer than films and vintage cameras!

In the meantime, we should all expand our analogue know-how. No need to be chemists or professionals, we can all develop our films! Here's a tipster on developing colored films all by yourself.

However, it's best to take safety precautions when handling these chemicals! Read this for reference.

Preview image was taken from the video.

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