LomoAmigo Emma Woolrych Shoots with the Petzval 85

Meet Emma Woolrych, a talented photographer from London, who recently used our Petzval 85 lens on a fashion shoot with Disorder Magazine. We spoke to her about shooting with the iconic lens and what she has in store for 2017.

Photos: Emma Woolrych

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born in Sydney Australia. My father was in the Royal Australian Navy so I had the luck of growing up between Australia, USA and Britain. I arrived in London, nearly 9 years ago and have been in the same little ex-council flat in Shoreditch ever since. My love for fashion was born from my Aunties mostly. All the women in my family have their own individual style and beauty but it was my teenage Aunties glorious shiny fashion magazines and the photography with in them, along with the fabulous music clips on MTV that sparked my obsession. They would school me on what was what, and who was who, like their little protege. Their love became mine and living all over the world only fuelled my interest. I have always thirsted in diversity, I love when your day to day life becomes a melting pot of cultures. Australia is a land built of a very multi-cultural society, most of my friends parents and grandparents where born in far away lands with different magical food, music and fashion and I would revel in this influence. Today I am the same, I want my work to represent diversity, youthful spirit and freedom. My work is colourful and playful. Fashion can sometimes be too serious.

Photos: Emma Woolrych

How did you get on shooting with the Petzval 85 lens? / What did you choose to shoot?

Lomography and I got in contact through a flat mate of mine, who was working for Lomography at the time and thought the freedom and fun in my work fit well. They sent me this magical Petzval 85 Lens and I have had a ball playing with it. I used it for a fashion shoot for Disorder Magazine. The Fashion Director Rebekah Roy wanted to feature an amazing up and coming Fashion Designer who works with latex called Hannah Williams. It was a very special day for many reasons and our little team of fashion fairies Rebekah Roy styling, Hannah J from Elite models modelling and the talented Sarah Mcllwain-Bates doing hair and make-up, bound together to create something quiet other worldly and the Petzval was the perfect lens for the shoot. Fashion shoots are quiet fast in nature and you have to generally shoot quickly to catch a moment. The Petzval does not adhere to this at all, the manual focus and the nature of the lens does take concentration but if it caused any frustration in usability, the results far out way this aspect of the lens.

Photos: Emma Woolrych

What’s coming up in 2017?

Well I hope to get an Agent this year and contuse to build my career. Exciting things happen in the art and fashion world when the political and economic worlds are proving bleak. I feel like it is an exciting time for collaborations as well.

To see More of Emma's work visit her Website or follow her on Instagram

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