Red Is the Warmest Color with the Lomography Redscale XR

The color red signifies a lot of things and themes -- it could be anger, love, passion, heat -- but one thing that the color would never be is "boring"!

We await for spring through the rough winter, but for now, let's all imagine ourselves in a warmth embrace of the Lomography Redscale XR. Varying from shades of red, orange and yellow, film fulfills the coveted energetic aesthetic; the redscale is a classic Lomographic style.

Currently available in 35 mm (check our shop if the 120's back again!), the film is great for experimenting colors and gradients. If you're as daring and bold, you'll definitely find compatibility with the Redscale XR. Here's some photographs from the community who had their own love affair with the Redscale XR.

Warm skies

Credits: ehmahh, suizidekid, mczoum, lomovan & tagliatele_la_testa

Ladies in red

Credits: annelie, andrejrusskovskij, jennson & earlybird

Redscale for relationships

Credits: erikagrendel, emkei, robertofiuza & gnarlyleech

Rouge world

Credits: gnarlyleech, lomographygalleries, atria007 & grazie

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