Styles of Portraits According to Length


The simplest way to define a portrait is it's an image that portrays a person. It's very simple as that, giving a huge room for flexibility and experiments. You can take a portrait that focuses simply on one's outfit, or one's pose, even just his facial features.

Here we've listed some of the most commonly used portrait lengths as your guide and refresher in the art of portrait photography, thanks to these Lomographs.

Face-focused, minimal negative space: full face view

Credits: neja, boojou, earlybird & atropaworkshop

Face down to the neck or bust: bust portraiture

Credits: marysun, undiscovered, _haustor & freelancer

From head to trunk: half-length portrait portraiture

Credits: babak_homayouni, domyblue & tall_bastard

From head to upper limbs: the three quarter length portrait

Credits: renaishashin, marta1901, tall_bastard, andrejrusskovskij & albeelee

Head to toe: full-length portraiture

Credits: tall_bastard, earlybird, dreamseller, blueskyandhardrock & vgzalez

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    not sure with the girl stand at the railway back to the lens consider as a portrait

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