Lomography's Most Romantic Picks: Valentine's Day Edition

They say February is the most romantic month of them all and of course it’s because of the Valentine’s day. That one day when you are allowed to be cheesy as much as you want and wake up your inner Cupid. No matter if you are in a relationship or not, or just casually dating on Tinder, everybody loves a little bit of romance from time to time.

We wanted to make things easier for you this year and introduce to you to some of the most romantic Lomo cameras out there. Maybe you will get inspired to surprise someone with one of these items, or you will feel the need to add a romantic camera to your collection. Either way, sit back and prepare to feel some major artsy butterflies.

Credits: life_on_mars

Lomo’Instant Marrakesh

Imagine seeing the sunset over Marakesh while enjoying a nice glass of wine. When you combine of the most romantic destinations ever with with fun and creative camera and beautiful design you get nothing less but Lomo’Instant Marakesh. A perfect present for your significant other, even if your significant other is just you.

Lomo’Instant Milano

It would take us forever to name all the reasons why Italy is considered one of the most romantic countries ever, but we can say for a fact that this camera and its bold design combined with a touch of one of the most fashionable capitals makes a perfect Valentine’s day gift.

Lomography Light Painter

We are giving you an extra trick on how to make the best out of your Valentine's day photos. You can use this light painter in order to add awesome light enhancements to your photographs. Who can resist a light painted heart?

Fisheye One Red

Red is the color of Love and with this compact 35 mm camera you can capture everything you imagine. Not to mention that Cupid would be so proud with this choice of color.

Lomo'Instant Automat

Capture your dearest moments with this instant gem. This camera can take beautiful shots everywhere you go and you can also use the remote control for instant selfies with the people you care about. See, that's what love is all about.

Belair X 6-12 City Slicker

Medium format is always a good idea! This camera allows you to capture beautiful panoramas and experience the world from another perspective. Because of its timeless design and endless possibilities we couldn't help but add this camera to one of the most romantic ones this month.

Lomo'Instant Murano

This month is definitely the month of Lomo'Instant cameras. It's beautiful design was inspired by colorful Italian houses along Venetian canals and it doesn't get more romantic than this. Make someone happy and take beautiful shots along the way.

Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens

We couldn't help but include this awesome lens because in the end Valentine's day should be about focusing on our significant others. Use the Petzval 58 bokeh control art lens to bring focus to the subject and create beautiful dreamy backrounds with all different types of bokeh. You can also use the experimental aperture plate kit and make heart shaped bokeh pops out. We guarantee you this will melt the hardest of hearts.

Happy Valentine's day lomographers!

2017-02-11 #news #valentine-s-day

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