LomoNews: Upcoming Short Film "Polaroid Kingdom"

We at Lomography are always eager to share the projects and productions of our lovely and inspiring Lomographic community. Here we explore Polaroid Kingdom, an upcoming atmospheric-horror short by Alexandra Boskovich and Max Seiler which gives us a haunting-yet-imaginative glimpse into the childlike perception of death.

For Immediate Release
New York, NY--January 20, 2017

Created by Alex Boskovich and Max Seiler, POLAROID KINGDOM puts us in the headspace of what it’s like to be and to perceive death as a child, showing us the flaws in ourselves and how we understand and cope with sudden loss. The film is currently in development, having just launched on Indiegogo.

From left to right: Sonia Foltarz (VFX Artist), Alex Boskovich (Co-Writer/Director), Diego Cordero (Cinematographer), Max Seiler (Co-Writer, Creative Producer), and Sam Reetz (Executive Producer, Publicist)

Coping with the death of a child is unfathomable, but imagine what it’s like for the child lost? POLAROID KINGDOM gives us a haunting-yet-imaginative glimpse into the childlike perception of death and the aftermath of grief as we experience a day in the life of Lisa, a big sister longing for what once was, and Tammy, her little sister who struggles to hold on to what will no longer be.

For more information on how to contribute, visit: www.polaroidkingdom.com. You can also help out by following and sharing the project on social media.

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written by katphip on 2017-02-26 #culture #news

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