Anna Garcia's Canary Islands Trip I: Lanzarote

Barcelona-based photographer and wanderer Anna Garcia once shared her travels to the ambient town of Howth in Dublin, and is now back with her latest travel story.

Perhaps one of the most underestimated touristic islands is the Spanish archipelago of the Canary. Let's all take a visual tour of the island of Lanzarote, called "Land of the Ochre", through the shared words and images of Anna herself.

Island I © Anna Garcia

Anna Garcia's Trip to Lanzarote, a Lunar Landscape

I've always been fascinated by different locations of the Canary Islands, and specially by Lanzarote's lunar landscapes.

While planning these holidays, we thought about the possibility to discover the island with a van. Going to sleep wherever we wanted and getting up everyday in a different location was a very attractive idea. This island has the perfect topographic size and texture to travel through plenty of roads and places with a car.

Initially, we thought about the possibility to visit Lanzarote and a second island. The first idea was to travel to Tenerife and explore the Teide, but we ended up travelling to another island called "Fuerteventura" and had some relaxation on its majestic beaches.

Island I © Anna Garcia

We arrived to Arrecife (Lanzarote's capital city) in the middle of the night, after our plane couldn't land earlier due to the characteristic wind of these islands. We were very tired and we didn't payed attention to our surroundings, but in the morning we started our journey ready to discover the wonders of this the place.

Island I © Anna Garcia

After a few minutes of driving, we were impressed by the lunar landscape of Lanzarote. Lunar, for it reminded me of the moon's surface. Wherever we looked, we were surrounded by mountains, volcanoes and an impressive views.

It seemed as if we were travelling around Mars.

Island I © Anna Garcia

The island most famous landmark probably is the Timanfaya National Park (known as the Fire Mountains), but I enjoyed a lot travelling around the north of the Island. We stayed almost every night on a very beautiful beach in the north coast: Famara.

It is actually an amazing and solitary place, with plenty of surfers where you can see awe-inspiring sunsets. Getting up in the morning in this location and driving around the north of the island was incredible, and I guess that most of the images I took were around this part of the island.

Island I © Anna Garcia

Although this island is known to be biologically diverse, I don't remember finding any wild animal on the road, not even some lizard. However, there's a specie of squat lobster or little crab that is endemic to Lanzarote and you can see it in the caves of "Jameos del Agua". These little animals are blind, and in Spanish, they are known as "Jameito", meaning "little Jameo" and they are actually the symbol of the Island.

But the Canary adventure doesn't end here -- we headed to the island of Fuerteventura next.

Await for the second part of Anna's Canary adventure here in Lomography Magazine! In the meantime, visit her website for more of her works and travel photography.

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