Contemporary Moscow: Photographs by Sandra Ratkovic

Berlin-based photographer Sandra Ratkovic used to photograph abandoned military facilities such as airports, barracks and other remnants of the Soviet regime in Berlin and across Europe.

Now she focuses her camera lens on Russia today. Moscow, its capital, has seemingly embraced modernity and might as well be taken off as any modern society of the 21st century. She finds the tragi-comical state Russia is in: a very omnipresent military of Putin's regime, signs of globalization, modern buildings meets the traditions, kitsch and folklore, along with Orthodox churches. Through Ratkovic's colorful, disturbing yet touching images in her series Moscow, Russia in the post-Soviet era is a potluck of pop-patriotism, tradition and modernism.

Decoration guns © Sandra Ratkovic; Matryoshkas at souvenir shop
Church next to housing block; Amusement Park
Window display of souvenir shop; Melon shop in the suburbs of Moscow; Supervisor’s desk; Picture wall; Shop window display in shopping centre GUM

Images and materials are from the press kit. Buy the book here.

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