How to Get Rid of Fungi in Camera Lenses


One of the many gripes of vintage camera gears is the issue of fungus. You may have a classic Russian lens there and yet may be deemed almost unusable due to the presence of fungus on the glass elements.

Some tipsters say you can use hydrogen peroxide and ammonia in removing the fungus; this tipster from photographer Mathieu Stern suggests that your kitchen has all the things you need for DIY lens cleaning: vinegar and dishwasher soap.

Do keep in mind though that if you're about to do this process, better to test it out on your cheaper gears than with your precious camera lenses -- it's much wiser to give it to your trusted camera repairman.

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  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    Take into accout that sometimes you have oxide from water instead of fungus. Oxide ruin the glass, and is more dangerous. Remember also that if you do not have a collimator might be difficult reassemble a TLR camera lens with right focusing distances.

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