Chellise Michael: Best Wedding Ever


Brooklyn-based photographer Chellise Michael shares with us her experience as anything but a typical wedding photographer. We are excited to feature her work with the Petzval 85 soon, but first she shared a wild night of shooting at this "Best Wedding Ever".

Please introduce yourself to the Lomography community. Tell us a bit about you and what you do.

Hi! My name is Chellise Michael. I co-own a collective of 6 photographers based in Brooklyn + San Diego. We specialize in wedding photos that don't look like wedding photos! Our goal is to create images that are pure and emotive and anti-cliche.

How did you get your start as a photographer?

I became obsessed with photography after seeing a lot of overly posed portraits. It made me cringe. So I went on a mission to never create photos that were like this. I wanted to know my subjects and for them to feel like when they got their photos back from me they would say "Yes, that's me".

When did you start shooting with the LC-Wide? What's your favorite part about it?

Ohhh.. I think about 3 years ago is when I came across the LC-Wide! I'm attracted to anything that offers me double exposures, and its rare to find this option in film cameras. I snatched it up quick.

What inspires you? How did you decide to be a wedding photographer?

Style inspires me, Art blogs inspire me, Instagram inspires me. I'm constantly inspired and it's even become overwhelming these days with all of the visual candy being given to us daily. I fell into wedding photography because a sweet girl on MySpace asked me to shoot her wedding. I never advertised it. I was just shooting portraits so of course, I went for it. I immediately feel in love with the adrenaline and the human emotion that attached to weddings.

These photos don't quite look like a typical wedding -- tell us about the event.

Ha! Yeah, you got that right. House of Yes is a magical playland. It's a fun party club in Bushwick (Brooklyn) and they just throw the best random theme parties all week, all the time. I saw on their Instagram feed that they were hosting "Best Wedding Ever" and I hit them up asking if Mike and I could come down and shoot it for fun, for free. They set up a little Chapel in the back room that had a Vegas vibe, a keyboard player, a "priest" and invited everyone to come and get married and lots of people did. Was it legal? No. But the vows were some of the best I ever heard. They also had a Divorce area next door in case you needed an annulment when you sobered up. Just brilliant!

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You can also keep up with Chellise Michael on her website and Instagram.

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    ha divorce area, at first i thought the wedding organizer also as a divorce organizer =p great documentation btw & dream fun job to have

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