The Devil's in the Details: An Interview with Kevin Lenear and the Lomo Instant Wide


After an initial introduction with the Lomo NYC team at our gallery space in Greenwich, we kept tabs on commercial and documentary photographer Kevin Lenear and his newest works with our Lomo Instant Wide camera. After letting the work digest and find its natural path, we went to Kevin to get some more of his thoughts and advice to the Lomography Community!

Briefly introduce yourself to the lomography community:

My name is Kevin Lenear I am a saxophonist and photographer living in La at the moment.

It seems as though instant film is your medium of choice lately, could you explain why that is?

I have been shooting polaroids with my Land camera, for about 25 years now. Since I was a child I have always loved seeing the picture I just took 60 seconds later. As Polaroid and Fuji have both fazed out there production I had to find a new instant medium. With the Lomo instant wide I liked the options it gives you to shoot: Lenses, focus, flash, multiple exposures, etc.

Do you have any specific projects that use our Lomo Instant Wide Camera?

I am now collaborating on a project called SkidRow: trying to bring awareness to the homeless situation in Downtown LA.

I have a constant project shooting with my wife Henna Koskinen documenting the fashion styling and models: Instagram/KoskinenLenear

This last summer I was asked to give a few select pictures to be a part of the project as one of their selected artist.

We see that you've been using the close-up lens attachment for some macro work, do you have any tips for the community for shooting close up?

I have been carrying a measuring tape with me for a few months, to really dial in the focus with the macro lens. I try not to use it now but if I want to be sure, or take a couple shots that don't come out in focus. Why not, I measure. I really like that I can take detailed pictures of a very select part of an object or scene. Gives a whole new perspective to my shooting, that I did not have with my land camera.

As a fashion photographer, what role does film photography play in the industry nowadays?

Film plays the only role for my wife and I. We have found that even though we are using land cameras, the Bigshot polaroid, polaroid 600, Fuji instax, and now the Lomo instant wide. There is no substitute for instant film, for us. It is our medium.
As far as the industry goes? Do you.

Any other advice you have to give to the Lomography Community?

Practice makes better! Keep shooting.

Where else can we find your work?


Be sure to grab the Lomo Instant Wide from our online shop!

All images were used with the permission of the artist
Interview by Devin Blaskovich

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