Of Whiskers and Tails: An Ode to Pets by the Singapore Lomography Community

A bunch of quotes can be cited when talking about what our pets mean to us. However, the special bond between owner and pet are sometimes expressed in a different language -- one that is exclusively spoken by spirit and heart.

Now, we look into the Singapore Lomography Community to share with us this special bond thru film and perhaps we can hear the whispers of their secret language.

Credits: summers, juanblythe, runbabyrun & julyan

Mutual understanding and unconditional love are shared regardless of the pet's breed or gender.

Credits: irorus, wanderhearts, meladegypsie, xlwj & juanblythe

Unlimited bliss all around!

Credits: atypical_audrey, plasticpopsicle, raylemon, auxifer & juanblythe

Thanks for the photos, Lomographers!

written by crissyrobles on 2017-01-28 #animals #pets

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