The Lomographer's Weekend Checklist: Refine the Analogue Grind

A new year calls for new habits. Planning them are easy, it's the execution part that's hard. No worries though, dear Lomographer! Starting this year, we gladly take the role of being your weekly memo for a productive weekend.

To begin this series, we've listed you 5 easy errands to improve your analogue grind:

Start your own photographer's journal

Generally, beginning a journal is easy. The hard part is following through once the first few months pass by. A photographer's journal can be proven handy for keeping track of your progress and improvements, apart from serving as a visual diary where you can put your keepsakes in. A photographer's journal may also be your own photo album where you can write and draw on it for a more organic and personal diary.

If you don't know how and where to start, don't fret. There's no need to buy a new or expensive notebook! Begin with this easy diy binding analogue journal from @lmeilani or take inspiration from @amytam's own photographer journal.

Credits: thomasvdd, tracyvmoore, claudia_guariglia & euroteam3

Develop your bulk of exposed film rolls

We reckon many Lomographers here take their analogue grind seriously; we also reckon some of you still have some unprocessed film rolls from the last two years. Now, we're saying you should head to the nearest film lab or process it on your own.

While it is indeed smarter to develop your rolls of film in bulk especially if you're a regular shooter, don't let them stack up for too long. Accidents often happen, and there are many ways stacking them up can be a disadvantage: you might misplace or lose them, or even forget some canisters secretly hidden in the corners of your room to exist. Process your films at least once a month or two (6 months being the maximum) -- it won't take too long and you'd sooner enjoy your photographs.

Credits: kyashna & norris

Experiment with pinhole photography

The art of the pinhole is rather underrated and it's high time we take a break from the SLR or TLR routine and give our pinhole cameras some love. With film photography being on the rise, how about mastering your know-how with pinhole photography?

Here are some tipsters to make your pinhole photography more exciting. For Lomographic newbies, here's a video to introduce you to the dream world.

Credits: opon21, blueskyandhardrock & jazzgohan

Participate in the Lunar New Year

We're prompting everyone to join the festivities in welcoming the Lunar New Year this coming Saturday (Jan. 28), especially for the Lomographer. It's a once-in-a-year event to have fun, mingle with other people, bask under the decors, participate in the traditions, and still work on your photography because the Lunar New Year is nothing short of being picturesque.

Credits: vanilajan, dabai & pussylove

Introduce a photographer-friend to the Lomographic lifestyle

Here's a fun errand to do! Take a close buddy to your favorite Lomography Gallery store (see full directory listing here) and have fun with the activities there. You may also opt to give a him or her a present of our beloved films and cameras, such as the LomoChrome Purple and the Diana F+. Hey, enjoying the Lomographic lifestyle is always better with a friend!

Credits: adi_totp, lomographygallerystorehk & squamy

Have some other plans in mind? What's in store for you this weekend? Share it with us through a comment below!

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