Alessandro Michelazzi's "Dapper Portraits" with the Lomo'Instant


It's instant film making an appearance again in this digitized world! Photographer Alessandro Michelazzi was to cover the 91st edition of the men's fashion fair "Pitti Immagine Uomo" in Florence, Italy.

To break from the digital routine, Michelazzi decided to pick up his Lomo'Instant camera and Fujifilm Instax film for the project. Why instant camera? Well, Michelazzi believed it was time to take back the printed image into the scene.

Michelazzi used the Lomo'Instant due to its versatility with the most common instant film today, the Fujifilm Instax.

"I’ve used this camera since I can add different lens to the front native optic to get something a bit different. For instance, for this project I’ve used the 35mm adapted to get a better frame for the photos... the Lomo Instant come with different exposure modes. Some of them use the camera’s flash automatically. For the photos of this set I’ve used the last mode, the one that is shown as a “C” letter on the bottom dial. With this mode the flash doesn’t fire. In this way I was able to get a better idea of the exposure."

After getting the men in dapper fashion their portraits, Michelazzi photographed them again for another portrait where they would hold up their instant portraits. Below are some of the samples. Visit the complete gallery of his dapper portraits here.

Visit Alessandro Michelazzi's website here. Images are sourced from PetaPixel.

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