Beginning with Cross-Processing Through the Lomography X-Pro 200

The great news of the upcoming revival of the Ektachrome film has got all film fans excited -- but in the meantime, let the Lomography X-Pro 200 satiate your cross-processing cravings.

The X-Pro slide film is a Lomo classic known for its superior, saturated palette fitting for cross-processing. Both available for the 35mm and medium format, the film promises brilliant hues even if you undergo multi-exposure. Don't even let the low light sensitivity fool you -- this film can take in subtle brightness as well as deep, rich contrasts and shadows -- no little detail goes missed.

Here's some exquisite samples of how the slide film can be used, taken by the Lomography community.

Seamlessly Lomographic

Credits: fastweb, howhau2000, ryszardl70, sye & lisi

Natural greenery

Credits: tempericarus & warning

Exposure liberalism

Credits: slothdreamer, gendis, sye, hodachrome & sobetion

For the vivid colors-obsessed

Credits: tsingtao, warning, marta1901, satomi & japsix

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