Old Is New: If Film Becomes Mainstream


You've foreseen the the upcoming Lomographic photography trends this year, and it's good news for us all that it is safe to say we can expect a film renaissance anytime soon. The sudden resurgence of film might be of the stagnancy of the perfection digital photography is known for nowadays. After a while, the seamless perfection can become boring.

Expect some of these aesthetics ever-present this year -- even outside our Lomographic community.

Intended light leaks

Credits: suizidekid, renaishashin, itisanormalname, marta1901 & jennson

Displaced hues

Credits: slivinskaja_, ceduxi0n, lomoteddy, gotoarizona & warning

Sepia is the new black

Credits: gauthierdumonde, mylatehope, walasiteodito & gakurou

Memories in vignettes

Credits: dida, bloomchen, icuresick, kikuzumi & superlighter


2017-01-21 #culture #vintage #analogue-photography #film-photography #art-photography #creative-photography


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One Comment

  1. gakurou
    gakurou ·

    Because digital cameras are electronic device, there is no individuality. That's why there is no sexy gloss in that picture.

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