Ricardo Lozano is Seldom Bored in New York


Ricardo Lozano is based in Brooklyn, New York where he started documenting his life in this bustling city. The photographs turned into a series, which he called "Seldom Bored". Here's a sneak peek.

"Seldom Bored" is a series of several publications about all of the life in a city. After moving to New York I found myself committed to my new setting. I was motivated to shoot the series to document a proportionate amount of social change. I chose to make this topic an entertaining publication to divert boredom with variation by abandoning my routine. I was sent to New York for work before making it my home. New York's strong moral ambiguity motivated me to make a series of books. The shooting process took 8 months. I kept myself busy. I utilized my network of resources to get things done. I shoot film over the course of a few days, sometimes longer.

The shooting process was a lot of trial and error. I shot a lot of films to get a look I was comfortable with across all of my systems. I tried a dozen different filters on lenses before getting the contrast I want.

Simultaneously, I was shooting 15-second static clips with a similar noir appeal and posting them to my (@seldom_bored) Instagram feed. The digital videos got a lot of great response and added a different element to the work. When I was out shooting a scene, I had the video camera filming right near me. I didn't use a tripod but I always found something I could use to keep my shots stationery. Some of them were handheld and I would hold my breath while filming to keep the microphone from picking up my breathing.

I edit A Love Token Press, an imprint that works with artists to publish books. I was born in Orange County, California. I live in Brooklyn, New York. Prior to pursuing A Love Token, I spent my time as a Photographer for Barneys New York. I now design books for A Love Token. In addition, I am the founder of the Silver Tongues Magazine. Most recently, I spent time as editor of The Finals (Vincent Tullo, 2016) and Second Best (Kevin O’Meara, 2016).

The main influences on my art have been the punk rock music scene in California, Independent publishers in America, Street Photography in New York City, and Graphic Design across the globe.

Visit Ricardo's website and the Seldom Bored project.

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