Inside the Pet Wardrobe: Dressed-Up Portraits

If many of you haven't known, today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. The celebration is pretty self-explanatory, but there's more to it than just a frilly excuse to get our pets to dress up. It's a day for all of pet owners to show that these pets are not just mere 'pets', but as members of the family as well.

So make your pet's day special by donning him a bit of garment, take a good portrait for you to remember it by! Here's some cool, funny and amusing portraits from our own community members and pet owners.

The casual look

Credits: robter, sergey_vl & heyfrida

For parties and celebrations

Credits: basho, crx091081gb, robter, heyfrida & santorinihippie

Fashion forward

Credits: lucretia, electrokid, badjuju, tracyvmoore & forceusr

Sartorially challenged

Credits: badjuju, heyfrida, satomi & ricoinbrooklyn

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