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Product designer Jaineel Shah lives in London and has manged to perfectly capture the imagination and spirit of analogue photography. We talked to him about his LC-A+ shots and how his love affair with this camera started.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm a Product Designer from Mumbai, India and currently I'm working in a design consultancy based in London since 2 years. At present I'm working on Consumer Electronics, House ware and Lifestyle projects. I've got a strong enthusiasm for film photography, flea markets, graphics, typography, sharing skills and travelling.

How did you get into film photography?

I spent my childhood growing up in Bandung, Indonesia for six years. I remember my father had a Kodak film camera and he was always capturing memories of my sister and I growing up. My mother would chronologically document and maintain the photo albums. I'm extremely lucky to get exposed to the photography world from an early age. Today, when ever I would go home for vacations, my family and I would always go through our family photo albums, have a laugh and cherish nostalgic memories filled with stories. I felt this emotional connection was really missing in my life overcrowded with digital pictures in my phone which I'd never return to. Therefore, I wanted to do get back to film photography to have tangible memories and continue to tell stories.

Tell us a bit about these shots?

Majority of my pictures are various experiments taken on the multiple exposure setting with people because it produces something personal which helps me narrate a story & event from that capture.

I tried different techniques like silhouetting to reveal the personality of the person reflected in the second exposure, timelapse to show the various emotions and movements one goes through in a matter of seconds, zoomin-zoomout to capture the drama from where you stand and click, camouflaging to blur the boundary between single and double exposure, collaging to create an abstract and surreal image to make it look its done digitally.

The rest of the pictures are taken offguard or people who'd love to pose for the camera in a free spirited manner because they know they cannot see the picture immediately which adds another level of excitement.

What is it you enjoy about using the LC-A+?

The best part I love about the LC-A+ is the size, it is conveniently compact which forces me to carry the camera everyday and everywhere I go in my front jacket pocket. Then its the vibrant and sumptuous picture quality its able to captures in any kind of light thanks to the Minitar lens with the natural vignette. The LC-A+ has never disappointed me clicking pictures without a flashlight ! MX switch and manual ASA knob are my two favorite features which I use the most because it helps me imagine the Multiple Exposure composition I've got in my head which most of the time turns out to be a spontaneous result and opens my imagination to do something more creative and push the boundaries.

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Mentioned Product

Lomo LC-A+

Lomo LC-A+

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