Shooting NYC streets on 35mm with Carmelo Varela: A Video Introduction

As one of our local shooters and users of our Lomography Lab here in Manhattan, we've been a fan of Carmelo Varela's work for a while now. Since he's been in our Group Exhibition for the Lomo Instant Automat last month, we've all been wondering what new project the always-working creative will take on next, and it seem's we've finally found our answer!

With his first video recently released, a feature on one of the classic Nikon 35mm cameras, we already see a unique perspective showcasing both the ever-elusive sides of NYC that only come from a native New-Yorker as well as a fresh perspective on how to demonstrate film photography in real time to an audience!

Aside from this, we've included some of his great NYC Street images below, so be sure to check out some of his great work and subscribe to this new channel to see the next step in this ongoing project.

You can also follow him on Instagram and check out his website!

2017-01-12 #videos #35mm #new-york-city #carmelo-varela

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