Discarded & Wasted: Photography by Paul Bulteel


Technological progress costs with the high price of ruining nature. As far as the news go, there is little effort from humanity in terms of the natural environment, despite the fate of the Earth resting upon the hands of humans themselves. Many know, many speak of it, yet few actually "do".

Recycling waste is easier said than done -- even with the appearance of major health issues rooted from environmental problems.

Belgian photographer Paul Bulteel takes up the task to an often underestimated narrative in the real world. His series Cycle & Recycle shows what happens to the garbage being recycled -- from discarded paper, metal, glass, plastic, appliances, clothing and other industrial byproducts and leftovers that are being broken down into new materials.

Paul Bulteel Cycle & Recycle 01; Paul Bulteel Cycle & Recycle 02
Paul Bulteel Cycle & Recycle 03
Paul Bulteel Cycle & Recycle 04
Paul Bulteel Cycle & Recycle 05
Paul Bulteel Cycle & Recycle 06; Paul Bulteel Cycle & Recycle 07; Paul Bulteel Cycle & Recycle 08

Materials used for this book review is from the press kit. Buy the book here.

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