Monday Moodboard: Florilège

If Mondays continuously drag you, then this moodboard will make you feel otherwise. Nothing is as relaxing in enjoying nature, specifically the flora.

Wherever you may be, perhaps in between concrete jungles or wide skies and open prairies, flowers are your portable, small bundles of joy that will instantly make your day. Although many in species, they all symbolize beauty, growth and bliss -- so why not bring one on your way to work? Allow this Monday Moodboard of ours to lift the stress from your mind.

Credits: saviorjosh, maria_vlachou, emkei, orangebird, rik041, gibri, grazie, bernardo1, moodification, knipsomat, furn7973 & pinkbutterfly


2017-01-09 #culture #flowers #inspiration #plants #motivation #monday-moodboard #flower-photography

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