Most Popular Photo of the Day: December 2016


Are you wondering what the best photograph on a specific day of 2016 was? Tune in on this special recap where we'll track the daily image that captured the community's attention last year. December witnessed the transition from the fiery autumnal hues to winter's washed-out palette.

Credits: schwarzesauge, why-yu, montagu, leocny, damianhovhannisyan, fadjaradiputra, kevinkiven, oleman, vicuna, mirkolamonaca, kleeblatt, pinkbutterfly, theblues, akula, furn7973, bnjmn, lafilledeer, chengnanhuang, ilcontrariodime, fruchtzwerg_hh, hodachrome & inimini

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2017-01-29 #news #lomohome #bestof2016 #mppd2016

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