Most Popular Photo of the Day: November 2016


Are you wondering what the best photograph on a specific day of 2016 was? Tune in on this special recap where we'll track the daily image that captured the community's attention last year. November was dominated by two extremes: moody monochromes and photographs drenched in striking colors.

Credits: cfehse, strangebutrubbish, kleeblatt, robertofiuza, smolda, pinkbutterfly, oleman, hodachrome, vixalice, nudels, montagu, frenchyfyl, joshsjackson, bobbe, ilcontrariodime, martinluke, binoue, troch, _wool_x & vicuna

Catch the rest of the "Most Popular Photo of the Day" for 2016 here.

2017-01-28 #news #lomohome #bestof2016 #mppd2016

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