Quick Tipster: A Scratchproof Protection for your Lomo LC-A+

If you wear eyeglasses with plastic lenses or colored glass surface lenses (the problem does not occur with non-colored mineral glass lenses), you must be careful with some compact camera models (including the LC-A family and the LC-Wide) to not touch the lenses with the metal slide (hot shoe) for the flash, to avoid the risk of scratching. Having experienced this problem on my skin, which cost me the change of a lens, I explain here a simple trick to solve this minor inconvenience.

You need only a small piece of electrical tape (thicker and more elastic, and therefore more durable than transparent tape), a small piece of cardboard (you can use a piece from a film box) and a pair of scissors.

Cut a piece of cardboard slightly larger than the flash slide and fold it to form an "L" shape, to cover the back part of the metal slide (see photo below, where I lowered the contrast to highlight the detail near the the viewfinder)

Then wrap it with the insulating tape, extending it few millimetres around the cardboard:

Attach it on the top of the camera, folding it in the back part, placing it close to the edge of the viewfinder window. Now your glasses are safe and you can enjoy without any worries your wonderful Lomo-camera! If you use good insulating tape this can be reused many times your want: I have moved it several times between my LC-A, my LC-A+ RL and my LC-Wide. The tape quality is important: the best ones leave very little sticky glue residue on your camera, that you can easily remove with a cotton cloth soaked in a bit of water or better using the lenses cleaning liquid.

Now you can wear glasses, load the camera with your preferred film and have fun! Lomo On!

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