Design and Instant Photography: the Artistic Design Project "Sotto//forma"


Sotto//Forma is an artistic project which combines instant photography with drawing: the instant snaps become a way for exploring space and expand our imagination. Let's get to know this project together with its Italian ideators: the photographer Paolo Belletti and the designer Ariel De Boni.

Paolo Belletti:

I came up with this project this year. I've travelled a lot and I loved the idea of keeping in my pocket instant snaps of the places I visited, which I used to send to my family and friends, like postcards. I am very fascinated by any form of prints, an extraordinary way for documenting moments of life.

I found that quite often my photography projects are focused around urban landscapes and archictecture, as Memoria Notturna, a collection of pictures of cities all shot during the night.

In Sotto//Forma we wanted to expand our boundaries:

we wanted to combine realistic pictures with the hypothetical study of space and shapes.

I used to give my instant snaps to Ariel without specifying the place (in particular for the shots of New York and Seoul) and he started drawing around the pictures to expand their boundaries.

Ariel De Boni:

In Sotto//Forma I had the chance to express all my design thinking inclination. I really liked the idea to play around the instant pics in a way that I could extend Paolo's view and the photo itself. We wanted to create a surreal and hypothetical dimension.

To see more of their work, take a look at the website of Paolo Belletti.

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  1. robertquietphotographer
    robertquietphotographer ·

    very interesting idea, well realized!

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  3. lomosmarti
    lomosmarti ·

    @robertquietphotographer @neja thanks <3 <3

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    benjaminlevis ·

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