The Singapore Flyer


Take a look at Singapore from a bird’s vantage point high up above in the sky. At the Singapore Flyer, you are treated to an incredible panoramic, 360 degree view of Singapore, as far as the eye can see. Bring your cameras to get breathtaking shots that you wouldn’t get otherwise!

For SGD30, treat yourself to breathtaking views of Singapore. From this giant ferris wheel, take a step into your capsule. It will then start its rotation at a slow speed so you can enjoy your ride. The ride will last your for an hour, so you have plenty time to enjoy the view and take photos. There are moments when I felt bored, but then, its time like this you just learn to appreciate the good things in life. It’s not like your high everyday…you know what I mean.

Don’t worry about the height, you are totally safe and sound whilst the capsule rotates. Bring your friends and family along for a wonderful time, enjoy the ride!

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