Glass Antique: Marie Peeters' Paris

There are two sorts of successful photographers: those who felt the success and those who didn't. Photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson or Robert Frank are easy to pinpoint their legacy in photography history. They have lived their successes and felt their importance and contribution to photography. On the other hand, there are the likes of Vivian Maier -- whose genius was only found after the acquisition of her film negatives in 2007.

The same goes for photographer Marie Peeters, a then amateur photographer from the late 19th century who recorded the daily urban life. Her glass negatives remained in the dark until her great-granddaughter Godelieve Bieswal were found. Apart from family photographs,, Peeters also took historical events and scenes of special interest, such as the Universal Exhibition of Paris in 1900, her travels in Italy and Switzerland, rural and urban landscapes.

Visit the on-going show Passé retrouvé at the Verhaeren's Gallery in Brussels.

Marie Peeters; Mer du Nord - Les sœurs de Maries Peeters (avant 1900); Venise - Italie - Deux sœurs de Marie Peeters (1899 ou 1900)
Charles Crahay, son 3ème enfant - Warcoing (1908); Pise - Italie (1899 ou 1900); Paris - Exposition universelle de 1900; Paris - Exposition universelle de 1900

The show will run through Jan. 22.

Images used are with permission from the gallery.

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