Meet the TEN AND ONE Awards Judges: Hodaka Yamamoto (@hodachrome)


Hodachrome, the moniker of Japan-based photographer Hodaka Yamamoto, is synonymous to vivid, multiple exposure photographs. His distinct, easily recognizable style of creating harmony among layers of images and colors has earned him a legendary status in the Community. Now, he lends his expertise in experimental photography to the TEN AND ONE panel.

Hodaka Yamamoto aka @hodachrome

Name: Hodaka Yamamoto
Location: Japan

Aside from photography, what are your other interests?

Design, history, spiritualism

What does photography mean to you?

It's something that challenges my imagination and curiosity.

How did you get started in photography?

Originally as a job. Started as a photo lab operator then I became a photographer. After knowing about Lomography, I learned to shoot creative photos with Lomo cameras.

While taste is subjective – in your opinion, what makes a good photo?

"Good photo" would be produced when things which you imagined begin to take shape. It is not based on techniques or knowledge. Just work seriously on your photography and you will get good photos.

One of Hodaka's favorite photos.

What is your fondest photographic memory?

Not easy to choose one.. Meeting people through photography is wonderful to me. It is kind of a treasure that I got to know people from all over the world.

With so many cameras and other image-making devices available today, more and more people are getting into photography – it can be a little difficult to make one’s work stand out. What advice would you give someone who seriously wants to pursue and succeed in this craft?

Now everyone can easily take photos and upload them for the world to see. Equipment and software are functional and easy to use. I think learning the photography techniques is important but you should strive to make your work stand out and establish your own style. It IS difficult but you must not stop making efforts to attain it. Your efforts in photography never goes unrewarded.

To see more of Hodaka's work, head to his LomoHome or website

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    my fave judges (y)

  2. honeygrahams224
    honeygrahams224 ·

    Agreed, I will be interested to see what he likes. And I like the advice of working seriously on your photography - gear and classes can never make up for hard work and experimentation!

  3. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    Hello master @hodachrome !

  4. hodachrome
    hodachrome ·

    Thanks lomography for the article. I am honored to be chosen as one of juries..

  5. dudizm
    dudizm ·

    Well deserved. Great master :)

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