Trending Newcomers of 2016


The Community continues to attract legions of creative photographers from various corners of the world. This year, we’re lucky to meet talented newbies whose humble LomoHomes and dashing personalities inspired everyone to keep pushing the boundaries of photography. Meet the trending community newcomers of 2016.

Credits: novista, neufotomacher, zoomusicgirl69, santtu98, hansu, elegia, igotthechop, crazyb, josa, patriach, mirkolamonaca, domagojd, moongrowl, fragakis_p, katersocks, capt_laitinen, docsavage, honeygrahams224, oscarmoroni & naosuke

From everyone here in Lomography, congratulations to the trending newcomers of 2016!

2016-12-31 #news #lomohome #trending-newcomers #2016recap


  1. honeygrahams224
    honeygrahams224 ·

    Nicely done, everyone! I am loving seeing all the creativity.

  2. fragakis_p
    fragakis_p ·

    thanks lomo community for that honour! Happy New Year to everyone!

  3. igotthechop
    igotthechop ·


  4. icequeenubia
    icequeenubia ·

    Late to the party but congratulations @novista, @neufotomacher, @zoomusicgirl69, @santtu98, @hansu, @elegia, @igotthechop, @crazyb, @josa, @patriach, @mirkolamonaca, @domagojd, @moongrowl, @fragakis_p, @katersocks, @capt_laitinen, @docsavage, @honeygrahams224, @oscarmoroni & @naosuke! Excited to see the exciting projects you'll have this year. :)

  5. santtu98
    santtu98 ·

    Thank you very much! :-)

  6. mirkolamonaca
    mirkolamonaca ·

    Thanks so much to everybody for that!

  7. katersocks
    katersocks ·

    thanks a lot guys & girls!

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