Lomogon Art Lens: First Impressions by Julia Grandperret Motin

Julia Grandperret Motin is a self-taught photographer, dipping her toes into analogue photography when she was just 17 years old. Today, we find out more about her as well as her Lomogon 2.5/32 Art Lens first impressions.

Hello! Tell us a bit about your photography background.

Bonjour! I’m a self-taught photographer and I’ve started analogue photography when I was 17 years old. Aside from that, I was doing law studies. After my bachelor’s degree, I decided to devote myself only to photography, without having strictly speaking training in the field. I met Diana Lui, a photographer I followed for 6 months of a masterclass, who guided me in the establishment of my photographic language and in the creation of a series.

What would you call your photography style?

I couldn’t define my photography style but I could say I’m working about the concept of human and people. I’ve never stopped doing analogue photography which is not defining a style but in my case, it’s important for me to stay with this manual process, less precise and that leaves room for accidents. I’ve done a series of double exposed portraits, a process you can first obtain more in an accidental way.

What was your first impression upon seeing and holding the Lomogon lens?

I’ve really liked the Lomogon the first time I saw it. Its brass and golden design seduced me! Then for its utilization, I needed some time to adapt because it’s really rare to find a lens with such a unique aperture system. But when I got used to it, the lens is quick and easy to be used. Finally, it’s really instinctive.

How does the Lomogon fit into your (photography) style?

The wide angle of the Lomogon lens was perfect to capture street scenes, portraits surrounded by details. Its aperture of 2.5 also allowed me to shoot when the light was low, and I really appreciated it.

Any pointers that one should keep in mind when using the Lomogon?

Don’t be surprised by the aperture ring but play with it to get different effects on your pictures, more or less grain wanted blurs …

Could you share your best photo taken with the Lomogon and the story behind that shot?

We went in a braiding room at Chateau d'Eau with Margot (left) and Jéromine (right), it was unfortunately forbidden to take pictures in this hairdressing salon, but I just could took this unique photo in the corridor. The second has been taken in a corridor of a railway station in the Loire, bathed in the light of a late morning of winter.

See more of Julia's work on Instagram: @juliagrandperretmotin.

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