Meet the TEN AND ONE AWARD judges: Geoffrey Berliner

The latest judge to join our esteemed panel is Geoffrey Berliner, who is the executive director of the Penumbra Foundation and the Center for Alternative Photography in New York City. You've probably familiar with Geoffrey as he is a passionate Petzval enthusiast!

What does photography mean to you?

Photography for me is way for telling a story. One image can tell a story and have an impact on the world. My photography is mainly portraiture using historic processes but any photographic medium can and does tell a story. I am interested in getting back to a hands on contemplative approach to photography which creates a thing that will endure beyond an electronic expression of a photograph. This is one of the reasons I practice these antique processes but it also allows me to use, learn and explore vintage lenses and photographic equipment.

What is your fondest photographic memory?

I have many fond memories of photography, mostly revolving around how photography has introduced me to so many wonderful people, either professionally through meeting other photographers but mostly through making portraits of so many interesting people I’ve had the fortune and honor to photograph. Many other fond memories include my father who was an amateur photographer who gave my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic.

With so many cameras and other image-making devices available today, more and more people are getting into photography – it can be a little difficult to make one’s work stand out. What advice would you give someone who seriously wants to pursue and succeed in this craft?

I would say the most important approach to make one’s work stand out in this current age of so many images, is to develop one’s own voice and vision. This is the most powerful tool for an artist of any medium and especially a photographer who is working alongside so many photographers today.

Geoffrey Berliner is the executive director of the Penumbra Foundation and the Center for Alternative Photography in New York City. The Penumbra Foundation, is a non-profit organization dedicated to photographic arts and education. One of the organization’s goals is to maintain the relevance of emulsion-based and early photographic processes in a rapidly changing digital world. The Center for Alternative Photography is the education wing the foundation.

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