Lomography's Top 20 Most Popular Tags in 2016


Soon we will be saying goodbye to 2016. We had some pretty awesome moments and didn't hesitate to share them with the world. All the photos you've taken this year will be the best reminder of the journey that lasted 365 days. As we head into 2017, there is only one thing left to be shared- the most frequently used keywords by the Lomography community this year. On behalf of the entire Lomography stuff we wish you Happy Holidays!

Credits: icomewhenieatcaponata

35 mm

Apparently 44126 of you are big believers in #35mm film photography. That's more people than the number of followers we have on our Instagram account!

Credits: ccwu & sobetion


26229 of you wish that we could put #summer on repeat. Sunny weather, lazy days on the beach and summer clothes! Who could blame you?

Credits: ccwu, lawypop & japsix


And here we were worrying that the digital is taking over the world, until we saw that 20635 of you prefer seeing the good old #film.

Credits: alko & manon-vacher


19724 of you hate being stuck behind a desk, instead of being in the #nature and getting fresh air.

Credits: shoujoai, 5thdimension & bravebird


18385 of you think that #kodak film should be on their camera's bucket list.

Credits: yokekei & lomovan


Almost nobody would dare eating expired food, but 18161 of you enjoy using #expired film for better results. We must agree that's a resonable choice!

Credits: yokekei, kleeblatt & maryona


17556 of you think that #lomo cameras are the best accessories.

Credits: panelomo & julea


17150 of you would give #xpro camera a shot.

Credits: mczoum, jennson & sebastianerras


16677 of you are thinking at this exact moment that the best way to spend your money is to #travel.

Credits: mafiosa & bravebird


It's safe to say that 16213 think that life looks better in colors.

Credits: bravebird, adi_totp & boredbone


15489 of you are still asking what the hell is #Lomography?

Credits: frenchyfyl & _haustor


14781 of you find #street photography fascinating because it captures the world around you just the way it is. Crowded, unusual, yet beautiful.

Credits: minibear, wil6ka & cruesi


14559 of you would agree that every #city can feel like home if you just give it a chance.

Credits: neja & lomodirk


Sorry Nikon, but #canon took the win this year. 12731 of you think Canon is pretty awesome.

Credits: natalieerachel, susielomovitz & stonerfairy


12602 of you can't live without vintage things.

Credits: akula & modern_nmt


12199 of you are probably big fan's of saying #winter is coming. We can't blame you, we also love watching Game Of Thrones.

Credits: dannyedwards & paramir


11838 of you can't wait to say goodbye to freezing weather and Santa Claus. How did Santa get involve in all of this?

Credits: suizidekid, atria007 & lomoculture


Last year #Fuji film made enough money to buy a Happy Meal for everyone in the United States. 11768 of you are also big fan's of Happy Meal.

Credits: fivedayforecast & zorki


11732 of you choose seeing the world black&white because of it's timeless quality.

Credits: weidong, blackbyrd & clownshoes


11372 of you think of themselves as the samurai warriors who love eating sushi.

Credits: susielomovitz & lafilledeer

Until next year!

2016-12-31 #news #lomoholidays #2016recap


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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    nice (y) at the old site i found lot of photo copy paste popular tag into their photo tag so when i viewing "indonesia" their not taken in indonesia photo are included. but now indonesia isn't famous tag anymore but always my first type at search =)

  2. ekeupratama
    ekeupratama ·

    ramekeun deui atuh kang @hervinsyah haha

  3. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @ekeupratama traktir film ateuh keu =p ayeuna janten arawis pisan duh urg yakin po scan di chandra naik 5rb deui, geus 2 taun berturut2 naik 5rb T_T

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