Stoned in Melanchol: An Interview With Megan Doherty

Megan's Doherty work is all about capturing the best moments of being young and free. She switched to analogue photography soon after she realised it brings a special aesthetic to her photos. Megan continues to amaze us with her work and the ability to offer something fresh and different. In this interview, Doherty reveals what sparks her inspiration and what can we except from her in the future.

© Megan Doherty

Hi Megan! I understand you are currently living in Northern Ireland. Where did you begin your photographic journey?

Hi! I'm actually temporarily based in England at the moment, but I'm originally from Derry in Northern Ireland where I first began taking photographs.

© Megan Doherty

In the era of digital cameras and their almost limitless possibilities, you have decided to shoot on film. What attracted you to analogue photography?

I started out shooting with digital but I always felt like my pictures were lacking something, they weren't communicating how I felt or what I was trying to say. I had to find that particular satisfaction in looking at the work of other artists who I admired, that's when I realized it was the equipment I was using that was holding me back. As soon as I made the switch to film, my work began to flourish.

© Megan Doherty

What photographic equipment do you use for your shootings? Which is your most beloved film camera?

I tend to shoot with 35mm, medium format and Polaroid, however the camera I take to every shoot is the 35mm Canon AE-1. It was the first film camera I ever purchased but it works perfectly for my shooting style, it's light, compact and it helps in creating a cinematic quality. As for the rest of my photographic equipment, I simply just bring along a tripod, flash and some lenses to my shoots. I like to work with available light and create moments within real time.

© Megan Doherty

How did you establish the style of photography that suits you the best? What influences your work the most?

My photographic style is something that developed naturally for me. I think when you have a very specific vision of what you want, you can't get away from it whether the image is staged, documented or a combination of both, your vision takes over and an aesthetic develops. In my case, film is a big influence for me, the visuals (cinematography, light, colour, texture) combined with the disconnect from reality have made a huge impact on me and my work.

© Megan Doherty

You make stunning portraits of young people. What inspires you regarding youth?

Thank you! I'm just in love with being young. I love the culture that comes with it - a culture completely based on freedom.

© Megan Doherty

What drives you to do your job and learn new things each day?

It's my escape. I live vicariously through my work.

Your work has been featured in numerous magazines and you have had several exhibitions so far. To you, what is the most exciting part of being a photographer?

You never know what's going to happen next. You never know what new opportunities and challenges are ahead of you, and you never know your next photograph will be. Photography constantly surprises you, I find that really exciting.

© Megan Doherty

What is it that you want people to see through your photography? Can we except more awesome work from you soon?

If people get lost in the work for even a second, that's enough for me. As for new work, I've just recently come to end of my "Stoned in Melanchol" series and I'm now in a strange new chapter in my life. I have a whole new landscape and new characters to work with so I'm about to embark on a brand new project.

All photographs shown in this article were used by the permission of Megan Doherty. If you want to see more of her work, follow Megan on Instagram and check out her Website

written by Ivana Džamić on 2017-01-11 #people #analogue #youth #film-photography #megandoherty

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