LomoAmigo Müge Yıldız and her LomoKino Movie "Life is Flux"


The film artist and director Müge Yildiz, whose videos are displayed in different parts of the world, recently shot with the LomoKino. We asked Müge about her current projects and her LomoKino experience.

Hi Müge, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a person who has spent her life making experimental films and videos. I love to shoot something - moving/motionless - and afterwards I spend my life searching for ways to rethink and express my life in a new way.

We actually met when you were looking for 8mm films ☺ You have projects where you use different film formats. Why is it important for you to work with film?

When I take something, I become a cameraman, and I also care about the existence of the recording medium that accompanies me, of course, the camera is not a thinking entity on its own, but it turns into a part of my body. During this transformation, I feel the moment especially when I work with film.

You used the LomoKino recently, can you describe this little black camera for us?

I felt like LomoKino was like rediscovering cinema for me, from thinking about phenomenology, to reaching the concept of motion, just like Muybridge, examining motion through photographs. With all this, this little machine turned into a treasure for me, I was able to work with the film and watch the presence of these moments at different speeds of motion, as well as the convenience of film development and scanning when working with the 35mm photo film.

How did you feel when you were shooting with the LomoKino?

I was a bit hesitant before shooting, but as soon as I took the LomoKino in my hand, it became one of my limbs straight away, and it's an incredibly practical camera, so it's fun to shoot with it. There is also anxious production, uncertainty is always a burden, but working with the film also allows me to confront all these. I must be sincere, I could say that my shooting with LomoKino was one of my most productive therapies.

Did you have anything fun or interesting happen while shooting?

I usually turn into a ghost in the streets while shooting. LomoKino made me a little visible, actually not me, but made itself visible; and through it I met different people, I found myself talking to them about filming. I even gave it to someone who was curious about the machine in hand, and I asked him to take photos of me.

Do you have any favorites among the rolls you shot with the LomoKino?

All moments are equally important for me, I love them all, LomoKino is a great sidekick.

If you had the chance to video someone from popular culture, living or inanimate, who would this be?

I don’t know if I would want to video someone from popular culture, I never gave it any thought, but I love the work of French cinematographer Gerard Courant, where he records portraits of directors, on 16mm film, maybe I could do something like that. I would love to record videos of my favorite directors, Aki Kaurismaki, Jonas Mekas, Bela Tarr – the list goes on.

Your films are being featured in different festivals all around the world, can you tell us a little bit about that experience?

I make experimental films and movies. My Super 8 movie Anxiety is travelling the world in my place currently. It was last screened at the Swendenborg Film Festival in London, the December screening will be in Mexico’s CÓDEC/Festival de Vídeo y Creaciones Sonoras.

Do you have any upcoming project that you will be working on?

Now there is a project waiting for editing, a Tarlabaşı, Istanbul film about the city and people. Apart from that I have video projects. But it is not obvious, suddenly new things can come out with new inspiration.

Last but not least, do you have any tips for Lomographers who want to use the LomoKino?

LomoKino is a very practical camera, it is impossible not to get caught up in it’s magic, as soon as you handle it. Not really a tip, but I would suggest being open to discovery, try anything, but I have to say that, don’t shy away from it, shoot lots and lots of movies.

Life is Flux

For more information about Müge Yıldız and her other works, you can visit her website or follow her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

written by nural on 2017-02-15 #people #videos #lomokino

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