The Best of Lomography Magazine 2016

A new year is fast approaching, and while we're excited about what's in store for us, we invite you to have a look at this year's most trending content. This collection is based on what you liked on the Lomography website and on our social media, as well as favorites picked by the Magazine staff.

Revisit our magazine's bests of 2016 with a little bit of perusal.

Girls who run the world

© Girlgaze. Kamila K Stanley, Tamara Lichtenstein, Jordan Bunniie, Júlia Brümmer

Earlier this year we kicked off with a strong focus on the female perspective in photography, celebrating World Women's Day 2016 with some one-on-one time with accomplished, contemporary female analogue photographers.

Of course, we ensured we get to celebrate the endeavors and accomplishments of women not just during World Women's Day; we successfully made it a habit to focus on women artists and photographers all throughout the year. The coming year would be the same and even better than before.

Photographers as sources of art & inspiration

© Kevin McElvaney, Dana Trippe, Argus Paul Estabrook, Hasan Park, Edie Sunday, Brandon Harman, Boogie

We've also been privileged to get several talented and one-of-a-kind photographers take their time with the Magazine and share their photographs, creative processes and insights to move and inspire on-lookers, rookies and fellow pros.

Here's some of our favorites listed below, but be sure to check out our other photography artisans.

Picturesque places & explorations

© Pierre-Louis Ferrer, Christopher Payne, Johannes Huwe, Kurt Prinz

One of our favorite highlights of the year is our vast interview collection on landscape, travel and chronicled photographs by different photographers.

Many among them have braved through the uncommonly conquered topographies of the Earth -- like taking a swim on the Dead Sea or voyaging the South Pole -- as well as capturing classic travel destinations under different lights and composition.

Inklings on photographic composition and visualization

© Hodaka Yamamoto, Moises Rodriguez, adamo-75, Hodaka Yamamoto

We love to contribute to the photographer's improvement on his know-how and arsenal, hence we frequently talked about hacks, tricks and useful tips (ranging from simple to complex) that can be tried out for newbies, budding rookies and professionals themselves.

Feel free to browse through our treasure trove of tipsters as well. You'll never know what you might just find useful for your next project!

The art of taking the risque

© Lana Prins, Sara Lorusso, Keiichi Kitayama, Jessica M. Kirk

One cannot call himself an art photographer without taking risks and the risqué (pun intended) as well as challenging art norms and traditions by breaking them and turning them into sensual, delicate interpretations and tastefully made compositions.

Here's some of those daring photographers who completely overcame the intriguing genre of art erotica by reinterpreting its beauty.

Getting to know the Lomographic masters

Last but not the least, we've also introduced several LomoGurus and LomoAmigos that caught our hearts and attention.

These unique Lomographers are not only photographers who are part of the community; they are wave makers and themselves as they continue to carry the torch of the Lomography as a movement, aesthetic and lifestyle. These talented, community-brewed photographers keep shaping the Lomographic direction every year, and we just can't wait what the community has in store for all of us in 2017.

© Luca Mercedes, @duffman, Adam Rindy, Daniel Sawyer Schaefe

See you next year, Lomographers!

2016-12-31 #news #2016recap

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