Top Uploaders of 2016


What Lomography is all about, beyond the cameras and aesthetic, is the people who share these with. Year 2016 was a memorable year for all of us, and we’d like to treat everyone who strengthens and inspires the community by sharing their own works.

Meet our top photo uploaders of 2016.

Credits: sirio174, pearlgirl77, robertofiuza, yago56, oleman, koduckgirl, wil6ka, vikkki, kleeblatt, vicuna, troch, why-yu & xsara

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  1. igotthechop
    igotthechop ·

    Wow. Some of these cats are legendary! I came in at a solid 1785. As a Berklee guy, I'd like to thank gmushinsky for all those photos of Boston! My favorite town.

  2. shufi
    shufi ·

    @hervinsyah produktif 2016! :D

  3. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @shufi lagi subur =)

  4. icequeenubia

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