Using the Lomography Lady Grey 400 for Art Photography


From Ansel Adams to Roger Ballen, historical to contemporary, black-and-white seems to be the bread-and-butter in film choices. A favorite among many, black-and-white film helps the eyes to develop an instinct and intuition in visualization and composition.

The Lomography Lady Grey 400 is a perfect film pack available in 35mm and 120 for easy use and glamorous shots, as it delivers sharp blacks, creamy whites, velvety greys and other tones in the greyscale.

Here are some shots with the Lady herself, by Lomographers.

Defined details

Credits: grazie, hafenperle, kingdjin & badjuju

Greyscale landscapes

Credits: asunbul, maria_vlachou, litleandi, clickiemcpete & pauline_wildwind

Seamless portraits

Credits: i_am_four-eyes, marta1901, derekfm, gregoriobruning, ishifishy & harrietgreen

High contrast light and shadows

Credits: derekfm, mafiosa, ishifishy & biondapiccola

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Lomography Lady Grey B&W 400 35mm

If you're looking for an excellent 35mm b&w film, the Lomography Lady Grey B&W 400 delivers stunning tones and smooth grain.

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  1. cabreb
    cabreb ·

    The last time I bought it, it was Fomapan 400. It's a versatile film for traditional prints and the grain is quite big but pleasant!

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