Vintage Popular Photography: Kodak No. 1 Circular Snapshots

‘You press the button, we do the rest" was the popular slogan by Eastman which rocketed Kodak’s domination in the 20th century. And it was in Eastman’s Kodak camera did popular photography become a thing, around 120 years ago, easing up the process of photography.

One of the popular Kodak products was its Kodak No. 1, where the image is framed in a circular shape, with two and a half inches in diameter. It was created in 1889.

The Kodak No. 1 resembles the original Kodak camera, but with a different shutter. It could take 100 round photographs with an Eastman American film.

The reason behind this was deemed as a way to ensure that the photographer didn’t need to hold the camera in the exact level of the horizon, as well as to compensate with the poor quality on the corners of the image.

To use the camera, the shutter is set by pulling the string and tripped by pressing a button on the side. After the film is exposed, the film is wounded to the next frame by a key.

Images are redeemed from Flickr Commons, under the public domain.

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