TEN AND ONE 2016 Competitions Recap: Cinematics


The creativity of the Lomography Community knows no bounds. For the Cinematics category, we up the ante and challenged everyone to translate their vision into moving image. Whether shot with an analogue movie camera, like the LomoKino, a Lomography Art Lens, or a multi-lens camera edited into a short film, the entries we received were nothing short of inspiring. So, grab your popcorn and refill your soda cups, you’re in for an entertaining ride!

Primul by systemdevice

Strange Encounter by lzyrich

Miss Cat e o Rapaz Cão – Strange Weather by zulupt

Sigh slow tonight Cretto di Burri Gibellina by -dakota-


Epic Silence by holgardo

York Mansions by trad69

A day in the life of a not so eager beaver. by trad69

Lomokino #1 by lafilledeer

Lomokino #3 by lafilledeer

LomoKino #2 by lafilledeer

Ramona Lomokino by migs88

so far by mynamehasbeenstolen

Großglockner 2013 by mynamehasbeenstolen

Going South by stouf

Gator Ride by jrdalton89

LomoChrome Purple 16mm by lealar

Lomochrome Purple 16mm- Film Test by lealar

Sunday at the beach by guanatos

Tana by guanatos

Beka by guanatos

My First LomoKino by guanatos

Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf? by guanatos

Kino Sketches (Sound Version) by matthewp

Kino Sketches (Silent Version) by matthewp

Mother 16mm by jrdalton89

See the selected photographs from other categories here.

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