TEN AND ONE 2016 Competitions Recap: Human Stories


Taking a photograph of a person is an easy task. Dress them up in fancy clothes, have them pose against a striking background, and there you have it: A nice portrait worthy of a spot in someone's online profile. The real challenge in portraiture is being able to peel away these superficial layer and allow someone to expose their truest self in front of the camera. The Human Stories category aims to do just that and we hope these photographs succeeded in telling the tales beyond a captivating smile.

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Human Stories Highlights

This year, we had plenty of opportunities to get to know colorful personalities. Here are some of the most noteworthy competitions held under the Human Stories category.

The Lomography jury is still on a mission of going through the photographs for the open submission round. A separate announcement will be made soon.

See the selected photographs from other categories here.

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