Meet our latest La Sardina LomoAmigo: Nilipek.


We gave Nilipek., who won a spot in our hearts with her incredibly cute tone of voice, joyous melodies with her ukulele and a naturally friendly style a clean and pure La Sardina DIY for her to design and take photos with. She became our LomoAmigo and agreed to a little chat with us.

After selecting her LomoHome of the Week and becoming ecstatic when we noticed she was Nilipek, we realized that she is an avid analog photography lover and as she explains in her LomoHome she is someone “who tries out any analog camera she gets her hands on”.

Credits: aysegulnazcan

Hello Nilipek, tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

Hello! I love childhood and I'm not an adult. I like the singing songs, drawing things. Yes, it's me. :)

Can you explain the kind of music you do to people who are not familiar with Nilipek yet?

Our music changes with the events the song speaks of, the feelings we have or how sassy we feel. So we have extremely acoustic songs that are so pure that even an added instrument would spoil it, and we have songs that have layer upon layer where we go crazy. But wherever the music leads us, I still sing calmly, that never changes. I’m not a person who can get too loud.

Credits: aysegulnazcan

How did you start taking pictures? Do you remember the first photo you took?

I guess from the secondary school, I took control of the cameras we had at home. I don't remember the first photo I took but there were two important events for me to take photographs; I worked at a shop for free all summer time before the first year of high school and my father bought a small digital camera and I used it all the time. Also my friend who was very close to me during college loaned me his camera and pushed me to go to concerts. That sort of became the starting point for my photography.

You are using analogue cameras in your shots. Why do you prefer film photography?

Actually, I started using an old SLR camera that used to belong to my dad, only because I didn’t have enough money to buy a digital camera. After noticing my interest in photography, my grandma gave me an old camera that belongs to my grandfather, then my aunt found another camera, then I found another in the apartment I was staying at, and then I started noticing each camera had a different color, a different feeling was pushed forward when I was using it. Working with analog cameras turned into a collection, I started collecting them.

Credits: aysegulnazcan

How was shooting with La Sardina?

It's really great fun! You are surprised when you try to adjust in the beginning but then you shouldn't think too much about taking pictures.

Do you have a interesting memory about he La Sardina?

People are surprised to see La Sardina I designed and they are trying to find out what it is. Actually, it's a good way to have a dialogue with different people. I was taking photos of a cute dog near a lake, I looked up and saw a guy with a digital camera that had a huge tele lens standing over my shoulder. He pointed at the camera I was holding and said “That is a space camera”, and I said “actually you have the space”, and then we started chatting.

Credits: aysegulnazcan

How do you describe La Sardina in three words?

Colorful, quick, happy

Credits: aysegulnazcan

Which of these photographs do you like the most? Why?

Photo taken on a pier, I photographed the street musician who wrote FREE MUSIC in front of him. He played a very nice music and he gave himself the name "wandering rabbit". At that moment, I just wanted have something to remind me how happy that moment made me (in this case the film inside my La Sardina). I was so afraid that the photo wouldn’t turn out the way I imagined it, because I did not have a camera I was accustomed to.

Credits: aysegulnazcan

Do you have any new projects?

Yes, of course! I have a few new songs to write, record some songs that I like, various concerts, lots of drawing. But I can usually only get 20% of what’s in my mind done. The rest is forgotten either because the idea is not formed enough, or because of my foresight is blocked.

Where do you want to be doing now?

I want to make music in any studio or would like to be among the musicians. They both make me happy.

Credits: aysegulnazcan

Who would you like to photograph from popular culture?

Cem Yılmaz or Özkan Uğur.

What can you say to people who want to try La Sardina DIY, any tips?

My favourite film is 400 asa film :) Otherwise, don't think too much, just take a photo. You shouldn't forget to turn the flash off, because when you need it you are disappointed to see that the battery is running out.

Credits: aysegulnazcan

Thank you very much for the interview.

Thank you too!

Credits: aysegulnazcan

If you want to see other photos taken by Nilipek., you can visit her LomoHome! Also, you can follow her Facebook , Instagram and Twitter accounts!

written by morlice on 2017-01-10 #gear #people


  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    I think I love her <3 stay away from being adult \m/

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    Nice interview.

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