Monday Moodboard: Winter Mornings


There’s something mystical about the snow. The pure whiteness gives a surreal, magical effect on everything it touches in an instant. What more, when the morning sunlight spreads its rays across the white horizon? An extraordinary view.

The snow tames the warmth of the sun into a subdued shade of yellow, mixing in with the blue and neutral tones of the scenery. Now seeing this Monday Moodboard.. who’s up for a photo sesh out in the winter morning?

Credits: juliagulia, betterthanelvis, neja, ayakorpi, naston, mingkie, lakandula, sylwester, sadurtay, bravebird, buckshot & objectionableconformity

2016-12-12 #culture #winter #light #mornings #golden-hour #monday-moodboard #winter-morning

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