Phantasmagoric Pinhole: The Holga 120 Wide Pinhole Camera

How do you get experimental after mastering the basics and 101’s of film photography? Well, it’s time to dip your toes with the more obscure side of photography with the basic pinhole: the basic system of the camera obscura.

The Holga 120 Wide Pinhole Camera intensifies the analogue vibe as it mixes the Holga’s iconic lo-fi charm with the more alternative pinhole photography technique: more light leaks, more fades and blurs, more dreamy, for the ideal Lomographic look. For best results, use a tripod!

Here’s some photographs from Lomographers to serve as proof that you can both be experimental and fun with the Holga 120 Wide Pinhole Camera.

Dream-sequence scenery

Credits: vicuna, mephisto19, troch, jeabzz, elvismartinezsmith & dogma

Old-school colors

Credits: troch, copefan & stouf

Vignetted focus

Credits: sushi_9009, roman_sekatsky & troch

Amplified multi-exposures

Credits: stouf, franan, atria007, megalithicmatt & juzifer

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