Enter the World of ONDU Pinhole Cameras


The new release of ONDU pinhole cameras are the perfect combination of good quality craftsmanship and brilliant design. Each feature is efficient, meticulously designed and researched, and plays in perfect tune with other parts of the camera. ONDU pinhole cameras can take on any field – from 35mm to 120 film to even bigger formats, there’s a specific camera that can do the job and do it well.

ONDU Pinhole Cameras

Design-wise, ONDU cameras are as simple as they get. The whole beauty of pinhole photography is in its simplicity and that is where ONDU cameras excel. They are easy to load with the magnetic back and you can rest assured that your film is safe and secure with its light proof film door. Framing is also made simple and efficient with laser etched guides to help you capture your subject. The precision machined pinhole makes sure you get crisp images in every frame. Last but certainly not the least, shooting is a breeze with the buttery-smooth shutter. Camera shake and blurry photos are a thing of the past.

ONDU 35mm Pocket and 35mm Panoramic

The creators behind the pinhole cameras made sure that each camera is made with care and passion. Their attention to detail led to the cameras’ high-quality finish and performance. ONDU cameras are made of beautiful maple and walnut wood that will only get better with time. Patina makes every ONDU camera unique – whether they’re used in backpacking trips all around the world or used as weekend shooters, they’ll leave a mark in your photos and the people that see them.

ONDU founder Elvis Halilović and his brother Beni

They are also treated with a mix of natural oils and beeswax to improve their longevity and aesthetics. And to top it all off, each pinhole camera comes with a special carry bag that is tough enough for your most arduous adventures but still delicate to protect your wooden camera in transit.

ONDU 6x6, 6x9, and 6x12 Pinhole Cameras

ONDU pinhole cameras will perform well in the field or look good at your camera shelf at home. It is rugged as it is beautiful. And now that the holidays are near, treat yourself or someone special with an ONDU pinhole camera. It’s the perfect Christmas present that won’t put a dent on your budget. Hit our Online Shop and grab your own ONDU pinhole camera now!

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