From Curiosity to Love: Analogue Photos by Lomographer Peiqi Loh with the LomoChrome Purple Film

Curiosity brings with it the possibility of love. For Singaporean Lomographer Peiqi Loh, this curiosity resulted into being an analogue junkee.

Now almost a decade into analogue photography, Peiqi shares her adventures captured in LomoChrome Purple Film.

Credits: chayneh

How did you get into photography?

I was never interested in photography till 9 years ago. While shopping online, I came across a multi-lens film camera that was on sale. At that time, I never knew analogue cameras were still in use by people! Curiosity set in, I read about film photography online and fell in love with a photo of a cow with a highly saturated sky. From then, I stuck to using films.

Which subjects do you normally like to shoot?

I enjoy being outdoors a lot and exploring places, old and new. Hence, whenever my cameras follow me on every expedition, I like to document and capture the essence of the place in my photos. I shoot landscapes, people or even focusing just on the materiality of buildings and floors. Every photograph to me, has a story to tell about the place.

How would you describe your photography style?

Free spirited. There is no particular style so far, I shoot at the most random places and timings at the spur of the moment.

Credits: chayneh
Credits: chayneh

Tell us more about why you do film photography.

Film photography restricts me in a good way, such that every shot is precious with only 36 chances of making a good photo album; as compared to using a digital camera where I end up with 5 times more of the amount of photos. With only one chance to shoot the moment, each photo on film could turn out to be a hit or miss, so I have to be quick with the settings and angles. Anticipating the turnout of the film as it’s being developed and being rewarded with a good picture, that’s definitely the most satisfying part of film photography for me.

Why the LomoChrome Purple Film?

I’ve always enjoyed wacky and vibrant colors in my photographs. LomoChrome Purple adds a surreal and mysterious flavour to my photos, almost like scenes out of a quirky movie. I particularly like how the effect enhances my landscape photos, especially the purple tint it gives to flora and foliage, which is also one of my favourite subjects to photograph.

Can you share with us some of your photos taken with the LomoChrome Purple Film? Any story behind these photos?

Credits: chayneh
Credits: chayneh

I recently went on a mini trekking trip in Japan and was overwhelmed with the beauty of the trail. The place was rich in history and every turn was a photo opportunity for me. Looking back at these photographs, it's almost as if I'm taken back there, feeling the chilly weather and admiring the architecture.

Credits: chayneh

Probably one of the most fast paced and busy cities I've visited. I just had to capture the bustling moment.

Credits: chayneh

My siblings and I finally left the school system last year and we decided to have a fun and informal photoshoot. So obviously, one photo has to have the 3 graduating kids in it. I entrusted my mom with my plastic camera, thinking “This shot is gonna be great!”. And yes, I was right. Though imperfect, my mom’s fingers added a really comical touch to it. Moms will always be moms.

Credits: chayneh

This magnificent Samanea saman was one of my favourite trees at the Istana Garden. I took a few shots over here and was surprised at how it turned out. The foliage and shape turning a marvelous shade of purple was a perfect backdrop for any photos.

How was the LomoChrome Film experience? Any highlights and/or lowlights in your experience shooting with the film?

LomoChrome Purple has never failed to surprise me. The highlight of this film is that the intensity of purple hues varies and you’ll never know what to expect. Strangely, everyone looks good with a purple tan too. However, a certain amount of lighting is required for these tones to be evident, else the dark purple takes over the whole photograph.

Anything you'd like to say to your fellow Lomographers out there?

Experiment and have fun, shoot the most random things. Sometimes, the least expected photo turns out to be the best photo out of a roll.

written by Crisselda Robles on 2016-12-11 #gear #people #film #lc-a #purple #singapore #lomochrome

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