Magical Desert: An Interview With Jonathan Sosa

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to Jonathan Sosa’s photos, we couldn’t agree more. He began his photographic journey in Queens where he started out as a street photographer. His dreamy portraits are absolutely stunning and his photographic style has certainly evolved when he moved to Arizona, where he continued making magical work. In this interview, Jonathan reveals what does it look like seeing the world through his own lens.

© Jonathan Sosa

Hey Jonathan! What sparks your creativity these days?

So many things, really. I live in the desert in Arizona, so a lot of my creativity starts here. It’s actually unbelievably hard to explain but something about the desert…You just kind of find it. Or it finds you.

How long have you been doing photography? In your opinion, what makes photography such a powerful medium?

I’ve been doing photography seriously for about 2 years now. When I look at early photography and interviews from the 70s, 80s, and 90s I saw how important photography was then. Now I feel like with what’s going on in the world. Photography has become more powerful than ever. As well as speaking with individuals through image is incredibly powerful and soothing for people. It’s helped me with a lot of things and I hope my work does the same to others.

© Jonathan Sosa

What does it look like seeing the world through your lens?

I’m always waiting for something to happen or change. Like the weather for example. I see things as a movie real and usually want something dramatic or over the top. But I forget that I have no control over that. So being patient is the key most of the time.

© Jonathan Sosa

When you look at your early work, how much has changed since then in terms of your photographic style?

Oh man so much, really. I’m from Queens in New York City so that’s where I started photography. I did a lot of street photography and then accidentally merged into portraiture. By accidentally I mean that I just started photographing my friends and family for fun but with a “zing”. Then moved to Portland, Oregon for a bit and that’s where I really found my stride and style. Now I’m in Arizona and I have no idea what I’m doing but makes me very excited.

© Jonathan Sosa

What do you turn to when in need of inspiration?

My friends, in real life, which I’ve met through Instagram. I also just browse Instagram for a few minutes to get inspired. But my main inspiration comes from artists like Ansel Adams and Paul Strand.

© Jonathan Sosa

What does your creative process look like? Where do you get the ideas for your photo shoots?

Cinema plays a huge part in my process. I watch a lot of foreign films and tons of anime, along with video games.

What is the most challenging thing for you when working with people and what is the most exciting one?

Usually, it’s when I’m not feeling up to it and made the commitment. I never want to flake on people but sometimes that creative isn’t there and it feels forced. No one can create to their full potential that way, in my opinion. Also, when subjects haven’t worked with many creative portrait photographers. I feel like it’s harder for them to work with you if they don’t fully understand what you’re trying to do. TRUST as well. The most exciting feeling is when despite everything I’ve said actually works out and you’ve created something so precious and personal.

© Jonathan Sosa

Can we expect more magical work from you soon?

Yes of course! No end in sight as of now.

© Jonathan Sosa

All photographs shown in this article were used by the permission of Jonathan Sosa. If you want to see more of his work, follow Jonathan on Instagram.

written by Ivana Džamić on 2016-12-12 #people #dreamy #portraits #portrait-photography #jonathansosa

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