Five Ways To Set The Holiday Mood In Your Photos

Most of us can’t wait for holidays to start so we can decorate our homes and holiday trees. There is no reason why we shouldn’t do the same with our photos and make them look more festive and fun. Stay tuned because we got a few tricks up our sleeve on how to set the perfect holiday mood in your photos.

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Make a creative setup using holiday lights.

It’s that perfect time of the year to use your holiday decorations in order to create wonderful photographs just by using twinkly holiday lights.

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Play with colors and angles

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out different lenses such as fisheye to make your photos bursting with colors.

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Make your photos stand out by creating shaped bokehs.

There are numerous DIY methods for creating a custom shaped apertures and holidays may be the perfect time for you to experiment and try out this technique.

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Give long exposure a try

Holiday street decorations, fireworks, or even a starry night can help you make dreamy long exposure photographs. Choose the right settings and don’t forget your tripod, it will make everything much more easier.

Credits: mafiosa, xaviru & hodachrome

Try light painting

Light painting is a fun and interesting way to make awesome photographs anywhere you want. You can play with different shapes and colors just by adding coloured sheets to your lights. You will love the results.

Credits: achmad-magabutz & moodification

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