LomoAmigo: Müjgan Afra Özceylan

Our LomoAmigo Müjgan Afra Özceylan says photography is a part of her life since her childhood. In this interview she talks about how she started and shares some photos taken with the Diana F+ and Canon A1.

Photos taken by Müjgan Afra Özceylan

Name: Müjgan Afra Özceylan
Location: Turkey
Occupation: Student and Photographer

Hello Müjgan, tell us more about yourself and what you do?

Hello everyone, I'm 20 years old and live in Istanbul. I'm a law student, at the same time I also produce visual content for several brands with a boutique agency; working in a beautiful office in Kuzguncuk. I also work as a freelance photographer with magazines from many parts of the world like Dubai, Paris, Los Angeles. I started photography as a hobby but now, it has progressed differently via instagram.

Photos taken by Müjgan Afra Özceylan

How did you start taking pictures? Do you remember the first photo you took?

Photography has been a part of my life since my childhood. My father's analogue camera collection would have attracted all of us; My brother dismantled the parts of the camera. I broke a lens one day and then I drew pictures to apologize to my dad. I was probably 5-6 years old when I hit the first shot and I took a picture of ours on our trip to the family, or rather seventy percent of the sky. I think the clouds and the complex branches of the trees were more interested. :)

Photos taken by Müjgan Afra Özceylan

You like using analogue cameras in your shots. Why do you prefer film photography?

The cameras I tinkered with when I was a kid are still laying around in a corner at home. I must admit, initially I used it at first when I was just composing for my photos. Then it struck to me and that summer we went to Karadeniz and I only shoot with analogue cameras. We stopped at the place we wanted, also I couldn't see what took. When we returned to Istanbul we finished 5 films and I fell in love with photos when developed the films. The colors, texture, deeply affects me; even when I look at the viewfinder, I feel like I am in a totally different world, a fairy tale world...

Photos taken by Müjgan Afra Özceylan

How was shooting with the Diana F+?

Actually, I'm using an analogue camera but it's still an interesting experiment for me. The world of Lomography is really interesting and I have never experienced before. I guess it was different from what I was used to; impressive colors, vignette images, light beams into the photo...

How would you describe Diana F+ in three words?

Impressive, LIGHT, sensory.

Photos taken by Müjgan Afra Özceylan

Among all your photos which ones do you like best and why?

I guess, I liked the photos I shot most in Burgazada: shades, tree branches, horse figure. It is a photo that has very different feelings for me; peace and chaos, life and death...

Photos taken by Müjgan Afra Özceylan

If your photos had a soundtrack, which songs would be on the list?

It changes almost every week :)

Fade into you - Mazzy Star
Hiding Tonight - Alex Turner
Sunny Road - Emiliana Torrini
Mexico - The Staves
The Morning After - Meg Myers

Do you have new projects?

There are many projects about the my travels. I can not take photographs independently of travel, I can say that the two are always progress together. And I have a project about black and white films, and I want to look at Istanbul with black and white films for a while.

Photos taken by Müjgan Afra Özceylan

Any advice to photographers who want to try the Diana F+?

My greatest recommendation is that they don't need any advice. Lomography is already a very free world, enjoy the most important, people in the street look at the camera with amazement and posing sweetly to you, the excitement of waiting for photos. Others are not important.

Photos taken by Müjgan Afra Özceylan

Thank you very much for the interview.

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written by haleozdemir on 2016-12-22 #people #diana-f

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