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Photographer, videographer and musician Burçin Esin recorded his recent travels with the LC-A +. Continue reading to take a look at the photos that resemble movie scenes in Istanbul, Budapest and Bratislava and to get to know Burçin better.

Photos: Burçin Esin

Hi Burçin! Please introduce yourself to our community.

Greetings, I was born in 1989. I am intertwined with photography, video and music for quite some time. I continue to make productions in these disciplines with great pleasure. At the same time I have a band named Balina where I play the drums.

Photos: Burçin Esin

We know that you are interested in analogue photography for quite some time. How did you become acquainted with analog cameras?

My introduction to photography started with analogue cameras. My mom and dad were always eager to take photos of my brother and me. So at home we had analogue cameras like Zenit 122 and Kodak Retinette that I still love to use. While taking our photos, they would also teach us how to use the cameras, so I have been familiar with analogue cameras from a very young age.

Photos: Burçin Esin

You took the LC-A+ with you, on your recent trips. Can you tell us a little bit about the series you shot with the LC-A+?

Yes, I visited a few different cities and the LC-A+ was always in my pocket. Nowadays I really enjoy taking photos of people in different locations. I also like to reflect the atmosphere in those locations. Sometimes it gets difficult, since most locations I choose are lowly lit. Because of this, I mostly used higher ISO films. This series mostly consists of a darker atmosphere.

Did anything interesting or fun happen during your shoot?

To be honest, I can’t say anything too interesting happened. It generally was a lot of fun. What I noticed recently is that birds in Eastern Europe do not fly too much, they prefer walking as their preferred form of transportation :)

Photos: Burçin Esin

We love your photos! We are sure you have a favorite one. Can you tell us the story behind it?

Photos: Burçin Esin

I love this photo, because when I first went to Budapest in 2013, when I was on the Buda side, a very heavy rain started. This was the first restaurant I encountered. When I went inside and warmed up, I took one of my favorite photos here. Three years later I had almost the same experience. Again, when I was traveling around Buda, a sudden rain started and this was the closest restaurant again. I was very happy to get in and photograph again the same place with a roughtly similar frame. It made me very happy to be there again and to photograph the place again. It was one of my favorite restaurants. I think it will stay.

What is your favorite feature of the LC-A+ camera?

Optical quality comes as first, 32mm focal distance is very beautiful and convenient. You can shoot landscapes, but get up to 80cm close for portraits as well. The aperture setting being 2,8 was also an advantage for me. Otherwise it would have been impossible to shoot in low light situations. Other than it being very practical, I loved the quality of the camera body and the confidence it made me feel.

Photos: Burçin Esin

Do you have any tips for users that are new to the LC-A+ camera?

I would suggest to shoot a couple rolls to get used to the camera. It is a very straightforward and easy to use camera, but it is best to see initial results and go on from here. It is nice to practice first to get a hang of that you would shoot in tough light conditions for under or over exposure. Although it feels like a focus-free camera, you sometimes forget that it is not. So in fast situations, it is important not to forget focusing correctly. I would suggest leaving the focus as infinity, when working in open and large spaces.

As a musician, do you take inspiration from music? If your photos had a soundtrack, what 3 songs would be on your list?

Of course I get inspiration from music. It is impossible to differentiate between the things that interest me. So they are constantly affected by one another. The songs I listen frequently nowadays, that I believe have an impact on my photos are as follows;

1- Monkey Marc – Sufi Dub
2- The Caretaker – All you’re going to want to do is get back there
3- Patrick Watson – Good Morning Mr. Wolf

Photos: Burçin Esin

Any upcoming projects, trips or concerts?

I have a few projects coming up. I will take the responsibility of a director of photography in new movie. I am very excited about that. I also have some music videos in the making. I am planning a trip in the Aegean and the Greek Islands. We will start recording with Balina soon again. We had a concert a few weeks ago, it was a lot of fun. But we are planning to keep silent until the new songs are out.

Photos: Burçin Esin

For more information abou Burçin Esin you can follow him on Flickr, Vimeo and Instagram. Don’t forget to listen to Burçin’s band, Balina as well!

written by merveengin on 2016-12-11 #people #lomo-lc-a

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